Australia's last frontier!

Cape York, Cairns QLD

There is only Cooktown and Weipa, which are the two major townships of this region. Weipa is a mining town and Cooktown is best known as the historic site where Captain James Cook beached his ship after Aerial view of Cooktown hitting a reef. Every year in June a re-enactment tells the story of his landing.

Many visitors and locals alike enjoy the celebration. Cooktown has its own museum that shows the history of this little township. Built in 1888 as a school it displays Cook's voyages, the gold rush and Aboriginal history. It is probably the last opportunity to buy important equipment before you head off to Cape York.

(Please be careful: Only experienced off road drivers should consider going up there. There are other ways, for example by plane of ship, to see the Top End of Australia.)

On your way up to Cape York you pass Lakefield National Park. It is with 537,000-hectare Queensland's second largest National Park.

There are 3 more National Parks to come: Mungkan Kandju National Park, Iron Range National Park and Jardine River National Park.

4WD touring Cape York 4WD at river crossing Cape YorkHann River crossing Lakefield NP
After reaching the Top-End there's overnight accommodation at a lodge or camping
facilities nearby. Stay one or more nights and relax: It's a long way back!

Cooktown Reef